adj., adv., & n.
1 after all others; coming at or belonging to the end.
2 a most recent; next before a specified time (last Christmas; last week). b preceding; previous in a sequence (got on at the last station).
3 only remaining (the last biscuit; our last chance).
4 (prec. by the) least likely or suitable (the last person I'd want; the last thing I'd have expected).
5 the lowest in rank (the last place).
1 after all others (esp. in comb.: last-mentioned).
2 on the last occasion before the present (when did you last see him?).
3 (esp. in enumerating) lastly.
1 a person or thing that is last, last-mentioned, most recent, etc.
2 (prec. by the) the last mention or sight etc. (shall never hear the last of it).
3 the last performance of certain acts (breathed his last).
4 (prec. by the) a the end or last moment. b death.
Phrases and idioms:
at last (or long last) in the end; after much delay. last agony the pangs of death. last ditch a place of final desperate defence (often (with hyphen) attrib.). Last Judgement see JUDGEMENT. last minute (or moment) the time just before an important event (often (with hyphen) attrib.). last name surname. last post see POST(3). last rites sacred rites for a person about to die. the last straw a slight addition to a burden or difficulty that makes it finally unbearable. the Last Supper that of Christ and his disciples on the eve of the Crucifixion, as recorded in the New Testament. last thing adv. very late, esp. as a final act before going to bed. the last word
1 a final or definitive statement (always has the last word; is the last word on this subject).
2 (often foll. by in) the latest fashion. on one's last legs see LEG. pay one's last respects see RESPECT. to (or till) the last till the end; esp. till death.
Etymology: OE latost superl.: see LATE
1 remain unexhausted or adequate or alive for a specified or considerable time; suffice (enough food to last us a week; the battery lasts and lasts).
2 continue for a specified time (the journey lasts an hour).
Phrases and idioms:
last out remain adequate or in existence for the whole of a period previously stated or implied.
Etymology: OE laeligstan f. Gmc
n. a shoemaker's model for shaping or repairing a shoe or boot.
Phrases and idioms:
stick to one's last not meddle with what one does not understand.
Etymology: OE laeligste last, laeligst boot, last footprint f. Gmc

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